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Made in the USA


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Some folks are just hammock folks, enraptured of that cradling sense of softly swaying from side-to-side. For others, the swing’s the thing, that steady, upright, front-to-back locomotion. But at Hatteras, we’ve always considered the hammock and swing as two parts of the same whole in our ongoing goal of relaxation intensification – to us, swings are just hammocks with wings! That’s why our two styles of luxuriant, leg-dangling leisure are so richly imbued with the many lessons we’ve learned from nearly four decades of intensive hammock-making innovation.



Made in the USA


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Remember how, as a kid, life just couldn’t seem to get much better than when you were swaying in a backyard swing, legs waving free? Because it felt like you could almost fly, even as you were still tethered safely to Earth. So why should a sensation so utterly satisfying be lost just because you had to grow up a little? Our Pawleys Island swings are places to let your feet dangle and dreams fly, all within comforting distance of ground.