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Made in the USA


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With a swing, your line of sight is immediately ahead of you, not above you, so you may never think to lean back and look up at the stand you’ve entrusted to support you – unless something unhappily abrupt happens to make you question what’s going on up there! Our swing stands are so well-constructed, safe and stable that we don’t anticipate you often noticing exactly how well you’re hanging – yet our stands are also so attractively made, either in varnished Southern cypress, unfinished cumaru or lightly textured Cape Shield® Powder Coated steel, that you’ll be missing out on a pleasing piece of the full Hatteras experience if you don’t, at least every now and then, take a peek above!



Made in the USA


CLICK HERE to view our Pawleys Island Hammocks Swing Stands

A two-seater swing goes on the front porch, while single swings belong in the back yard, right? Well, only if you want it that way! Our handsome steel swing stands are so easy to put together and move around that where you choose to set up hardly need be limited by convention. Porch and yard are perfectly fine, of course, but you could just as easily make it patio, pier or poolside; beach-house deck or downtown loft; sunroom or dorm room; gazebo or garden nook – anywhere the need to swing should strike you!