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Made in the USA


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Even the very best hammock can only ever be as good as how you choose to hang it. So at Hatteras, we’ve put a whole lot of innovation energy into creating the highest-quality hammock-hanging alternatives available – since not everyone can, or even wants to, sling a hammock between two trees. Little surprise, then, that both our wood and metal hammock stands have through the years become the standards by which all others are measured, and the basis for countless knock-offs that routinely mimic the obvious parts of the form without ever capturing the finer points of the function. An authentic Hatteras = authentic quality.



Made in the USA


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Have quality hammock stand, will travel! Available in four sharp-looking Cape Shield® Powder Coat colors, our sturdy hammock stands allow for fine-tuning your hanging spot whenever you want, with absolute ease. Sun suddenly shifted right into your eyes? Then lift your stand lightly at the end where you lay your head, stepping the whole thing sideways into welcome shade, and presto: Hang time is happy time again! For moving the whole stand longer distances, add our simple-to-use wheel kit, and off you go!