The word gives us pause, and rightly so. It recalls in us those extraordinary things we hope we never lose. It reminds us of an increasingly uncommon approach to quality.

Little wonder that in these topsy-turvy times of instant this and instant that, we increasingly find ourselves craving the simple sincerity of things done right. We long for that great American legacy of craftsmanship, that sense of something lasting and real and true. We long, in short, for tradition.

That's likely why The Original Pawleys Island Rope Hammock is still so widely sought-after today, more than a century after South Carolina riverboat captain Joshua John "Cap'n Josh" Ward set out to fashion himself a cool, comfortable, cotton-rope bed for those steamy Lowcountry nights out on the water.

The continued success of the venerable Pawleys Island brand has not, however, come from our changing to fit the times. Far from it. Rather, the changing times have always held a place for our staying true to what we've done right from the very start. Because other than some improvements to the materials we use, our basic hammock design remains little different from back in the bygone days of Cap'n Josh. We don't call ourselves The Original for nothing.

At The Original Pawleys Island Rope Hammock, we're incredibly proud to be anything but new-fangled. Now 120 years old and counting, we continue to offer the very best of our past in hopes it may help our customers better enjoy their own futures. Tradition, after all, demands nothing less.