Remember how, as a kid, life just couldn’t seem to get much better than when you were swaying in a backyard swing, legs waving free? Because it felt like you could almost fly, even as you were still tethered safely to Earth. So why should a sensation so utterly satisfying be lost just because you had to grow up a little? Our Pawleys Island swings are places to let your feet dangle and dreams fly, all within comforting distance of ground.

Rope Swings

Rope Swings

Falling back into a cradle of form-fitting rope feels like little else, both giving and supporting at the very same time. Add the gentle tug of gravity as you sway softly to and fro, and our highly crafted rope swings promise a relaxation experience unlike any other. Who knew you could find so much freedom and possibility right there on your own front porch? Handcrafted for two, because comfort this complete begs to be shared.

Cushioned Single Swing - Gateway Aspen

Fabric Swings

If you could make a chair out of air, what would it feel like? Probably an awful lot like one of our Single Cushioned Fabric Swings! So go on, settle into one of these compact packages of bountiful leisure. Close your eyes and lean back, and then back even a little more, with your hands loosely gripping the soft, strong ropes at your sides. Now be prepared for the world just barely beyond your feet to suddenly seem to disappear...