Large Original DuraCord Rope Hammock - Tan

Large Original DuraCord Rope Hammock - Tan by Pawleys Island Hammocks
The following unsolicited review of our Large DuraCord Rope Hammock comes from K.B., a Pawleys Island customer in Dallas, Texas. It appears here as we (delightedly!) found it posted on the Web, and speaks for itself:

"Absolutelty top-notch. I left it out in rain, shine and fog for 6 months now. Don't have the energy to get it inside each time it rains (and oh boy, did it rain this summer in Dallas!). Each time sun shines back, my hammock is as great-feeling, as shiny and as taut as new. This weekend I had a party in my backyard, and my guests turned on the rough heat a little bit -- they were even using it as a swing, three adults at a time. I was a little concerned, but at the end it was as if nothing happened. Kind of the feeling you get after you complete your first cross-state long drive with your Honda or Toyota - you are concerned whether your car is OK, but that trip was not even as much as a dent on its mind-boggling robust engineering. Pawleys rocks!"

Well, gosh, thanks!

K.B. was right to be nervous about that whole swinging-in-the-hammock idea; that's never a good, or safe, idea! Yet we're pleased, and extremely proud, that despite this highly unadvised use with three people in a typically two-person hammock, our illustrious DuraCord model nonetheless held up like the champ we know it to be!

As someone said recently, Pawleys rocks!

Additional Features

  • Hand-woven solution-dyed DuraCord 3-ply rope
  • Bed size 55 inches wide by 82 inches long
  • Zinc-plated hanging hardware includes 2 tree hooks
  • Weight limit 450 pounds
  • Pillow and stand sold separately
  • Made in the USA

Item Specifications

Width4 feet 7 inches
Weight Capacity450 pounds
MaterialsDuraCord rope; white-oak spreaders repeatedly hand-dipped in honey-gold marine-grade varnish; zinc-plated hardware
Product Weight14 pounds
Made inThe U.S.A.
Warranty1 year
Instruction SheetClick here to view

Item No. 13DCTAN

Price:     $189.99

Shipping:    FREE