Rope Hammocks

Rope Hammocks

When we started out making rope hammocks back in the early 1970s, we used only cotton, because cotton was soft, and cotton was traditional. But Hatteras Hammocks has always been, at its heart, about innovation, and we always hoped for better for our customers, since this popular natural fiber is inherently limited in its long-term durability. So with the tremendous advances in synthetics in the years since, we finally got our wish for rope of rugged weatherability that actually had a softness to rival cotton. Today, we use only soft-spun polyester and our own branded synthetic, DuraCord®, for our rope. That means all the cotton feel for you, yet with the outdoor durability of a top-quality synthetic!

Tufted Hammocks

Tufted Hammocks

Masterpieces of comfort, our Tufted Hammocks are backyard relaxation elevated to the realm of art. Hammock fabric is two layers either of solution-dyed all-weather DuraCord® or Sunbrella® sandwiching a robust center of nonabsorbent polyester hollowfill fiber made from recycled plastic drink bottles. Both DuraCord and Sunbrella are not only resistant to rot, mold, mildew and staining, but also are exceptionally colorfast, with a softness that’ll make you think of cotton. Eight nickel-plated rolled-rim grommets create these hammocks’ lush contours – imagine colorful quilts woven out of individual puffy clouds!

Large Quilted Hammock - Gateway Tropic

Quilted Hammocks

Two layers of cottony-soft all-weather fabric with a center of plush polyester fiberfill batting, all lockstitched together to create wonderfully cushiony reclining. For our top layer, we use our own DuraCord® fabric, which allows for rich and colorful designs you can count on not to quickly fade away. In addition to being resistant to staining, rotting, mold and mildew, our top-of-the-line synthetic ranks as the most colorfast fabric available today.

Pillowtop Hammock - Regency Sand

Pillowtop Hammocks

How much cushiony comfort can a body handle? Our Pillowtop Hammocks are expressly designed to help you find out! Sink into one of these inspired slices of relaxation innovation, and the sensation is almost sinful, as if you're stretching out across an assembly of cushiony clouds, yet all the while with a level of lumbar support once unheard of in a hammock.

Soft-Weave Hammocks

Soft Weave® Hammocks

Like a thick thatchwork of plush fabric ribbons, our distinctive Soft Weave Hammocks not only look handsomely distinct, but with their 1-inch layer of polyester fiberfill batting, they also yield an uncanny level of cushiony comfort. The surprisingly soft, all-weather fabric means many seasons of great-looking, great-feeling relaxation satisfaction ahead.