Tri-Beam Steel Hammock Stand - Taupe

Tri-Beam Steel Hammock Stand - Taupe by Hatteras Hammocks
Sometimes, you just need to get out of the way and let the customer do the talking! This description of our taupe-colored Tri-Beam Steel Hammock Stand from Oakland, Calif., resident S.H. covers it well:

"I bought a hammock a year ago on Amazon, hoping that I could find somewhere or another to hang it. However, that proved not to be the case, and I finally broke down and bought (this) stand for it. ...

After about two minutes of assembly, which includes putting the (poles) together via spring-loaded locking pins, and putting the rubber end-caps on, I had a fully assembled hammock stand. Completely brainless, and easy as pie. The (poles) aren't light, but they're light enough that virtually anyone could do the assembly on their own."

Stand-Out Features

  • 12-gauge steel poles 2 inches in diameter, 600 lbs weight capacity
  • Poles connect with spring pins, for easy "no tools" assembly
  • 360-degree Right Connection weld for foot and base poles
  • Lightly textured Cape Shield Powder Coat for rust protection
  • Cape Shield Powder Coat is among the thickest, most uniformly applied and environmentally friendly industrial coatings available today
  • Durable black vinyl plugs for pole ends included
  • Made in the USA

Item Specifications

Length15 feet
Weight Capacity600 pounds
Width4 feet
Warranty1 year
MaterialHeavy-duty steel
AccommodatesHammocks 13 feet in length, with chains

Item No. L-STTTX

Price:     $169.99

Shipping:    FREE