garden swing seat


Forget garden swing seats! So passé! Get yourself some Cacoons because hanging patio furniture has never looked so chic!!

Garden Swing Seat? Hammock? Wendy House? Tree House? Den? A Cacoon is so many things to so many people it’s hard to really pin down what it is.

Wherever you hang it; on the patio, from a tree in the garden; a Cacoon hanging chair will enhance your garden with its cool, designer look. Whatever the weather, It’s perfect for lounging in the garden, but be prepared to be sneaky – unless you’re alone you might have a fight on your hands to get in any hanging out chill time before anyone else!

The Cacoon’s high quality, durable materials make it a tough, flexible and safe addition to your garden. And because it’s made from the same material as an ocean-going yacht’s sail covers you can be sure it’ll withstand anything the weather throws at it.

The ring is aluminium so you never need worry about rust. If it can survive at sea and still look great, it’ll survive in your garden.

easy to put up; easy to take down

With a single Cacoon packing down to a handy size of less than 20cm x 70cm and weighing in at just 5kg, and a double packing down to less than 25cm x 80cm and weighing in at 6kg, means you can even take your Cacoon out of your garden on a day out or for a family holiday. It’s just a case of un-clipping the Cacoon from where it’s hanging, packing it down and taking it with you! And putting it up again is as easy as just clipping it back onto the hook.