chill out in a spa

Savvy Spas create unique chill-out zones.

Offer the ultimate in relaxation, like innovators The Scarlet in Cornwall, Birmingham’s newest Spa hotel, The Indigo and Juicy Oasis in Portugal. These trendsetters have incorporated a cluster of Cacoons into their rest areas and by the pool. Indeed it was The Scarlet who commissioned Cacoon creator Nick, to design a post-treatment relaxation chair or hammock to complement the coastal location and eco-aspirations of this luxury spa.

Space saving, durable and easy to install Cacoons offer a unique safe haven to unwind in after exercise, treatments or swimming.

A Cacoon hanging chair’s high quality durable materials make it tough, safe, strong and flexible, able to withstand constant commercial use. We are even able to create bespoke Cacoons in almost any colour of your choice and add logos and branding.

So if you want to differentiate yourself and add that wow factor, give us a call or email us to get yourself the ultimate Cacoon!